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  • Weekly Style: One for the Lookbooks

    Just as much as we love being unique, we love being in vogue. Looking like we come straight out of any store’s lookbook, this one is sure to be “that look,” which everyone’ll be pointing to and asked for. Everything about it just says hot and stylish: the vest, liquid tights/rubber leggings, big sunglasses, and …

  • JUZD Weekly Style: Unleashing the Power of being JUZD

    Where we picture Clark Kent pulling apart the buttons of his dress shirt to reveal Superman, we can easily picture the unleashing of another power, that of being JUZD. As Craig pulls back his jacket to reveal more of the Stylez JUZD tee, we find that he has already energized his look with a snazzy watch, …

  • JUZD Re-style: Joy Bryant

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  • Weekly Style: Hats Off To You!

    1. Be sure to grab a JUZD studio tee for $78.20 CDN from the JUZD online shop to ensure the stylish look! 2. Excellent deduction my dear Watson. The summer’s winding down, so grab the Watson Sweater Cardigan from Heritage1981 ($21.90 USD) for those cool breezes and chilly nights. 3. Pair this look with a pair of black straight-cut jeans from …

  • Weekly Re-Style: Jessica Alba

    Since we are sticking to basic black, we need to make sure she is wearing a statement trend. It seems only fit to throw on some classy harem pants found at Urban Outfitters. And for a bold pop we will add a Deepa Gurnani black and white tye dye scarf that pairs perfect with her jacket. In a …

  • JUZD Weekly Style: Boyfriend Fit your JUZD Shirt

    The boyfriend clothing trend is very popular these days, and it comes as no surprise when we see girls sporting their beau’s shirt! Showing off the comic that is found inside every JUZD tee, Lena flips her boyfriend’s tee inside out, and pairs it with cute denim shorts and a hat from Urban Outfitters. Given that this …

  • Weekly Style: Against the Wall for Good Style?

    1. Make your outfit cute and retro with this Kimchi Blue Solid Full Tie Back Skirt from Urban Outfitters for $58 USD 2. Keep your legs warm from that occasional cool breeze with this Fab Basic Tights Set from Forever 21 for only $4.50 USD 3. Doll up your outfit with this pair of round-toed Browns ID leather shoes for $198 CDN Click here …

  • Weekly Style: Race To Be Simple, Yet Chic

    1. Grab your black skinny jean fix with the Ava Star jeans by Citizens of Humanity for $158 USD at SSENSE2. Slip into these Ginger T-Strap heels from Urban Outfitters for $68 USD. Order them online today, since they’re only available on the web! 3. Serious about riding? Try on Joe Rocket’s Women Jet Set gloves for $59.99 USD at Motorcycle Giant Click …

  • Bamboo Fashion Is About To Take Flight

    But before you start recounting the itchy advent of Woody Harrelson-endorsed hemp, heed this mantra: A green aesthetic doesn’t have to mean ascetic. If its texture is comparable to anything on the market, it’s silk – a fact that is not lost on its wide range of purveyors. From bedsheets to bathrobes, camisoles to yoga …

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