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  • JUZD is in the “Trendy Zone!”

    Following up from the behind-the-scenes exclusive post about Omni TV featuring JUZD, the tv show Trendy Zone aired the episode this past weekend. Featured in the lady’s segment, Jing introduces to the Chinese speaking community his clothing line by discussing what distinguishes his line from others (i.e. the use of customly-milled bamboo), as well as explaining the benefits of wearing such …

  • JUZD’s spot on “Trendy Zone” now on YouTube

    In case you missed your chance to watch the clip of JUZD being spotlighted on OmniTv’s Trendy zone, here’s your opportunity to still catch it. Just uploaded onto our YouTube channel, you can see JUZD being featured on the hip, and of course, “trendy” Chinese show.

  • Behind the Scenes – OMNI TV gets JUZD

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