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  • Weekly Style Redux: Fight for those savings!

    1. Able to wick well, in addition to insulate, the Tech tee can be worn in all seasons. Pick yours up from the JUZD shop for $79.35 CDN 2. Make the plain fashionable with your JUZD tee – pull on a pair of stain resistant relaxed fit trousers from GAP for $49.50 USD 3. These might not be a pair of Maui Jims, …

  • JUZD Weekly Style: Hats are In!

    Even though it is summer, hats are so in! Paired with a JUZD shirt, here are two great outfits that make use of these great accessories. Wearing a toque from Urban Outfitters, Chris is wearing his All-Star tee with a pair of dark-washed jeans and a great watch. Steering away from the toque and opting for a cap from Nobis, …

  • JUZD Weekly Style: A Shirt for All Seasons

    While some pieces of clothing can only be worn depending on the season (e.g. floral print in winter? Global warming hasn’t affected us that much!), the JUZD shirt is an item that can be worn anytime, no matter the weather or the season. Ready to head into the sunset’s cool summer evening, our model Sebastian sports his JUZD …

  • Weekly Style: Keeping it Stylish While Being Extreme

    1. Keep cool in this hot and humid weather with a JUZD Tech tee, available at the JUZD shop for $78.20 CDN 2. Making sure that your clothing breathes easy is important, especially in this weather. So be sure to grab a pair of All-Son Cotton Linen Cape Cod Pants from Urban Outfitters on sale now for $29.99 USD! …

  • JUZD Tech Tee Seen in Action on “The Random Basterd”

    Ever wonder how a JUZD tee moved? Think about it: you’ve only ever seen it in still-photos and in promos for not longer than 30 seconds at a time. Check out this Canadian short film by Jonathan Dowds-Hott and Daniel Lee where Jonathan Steen is featured wearing the JUZD Tech Tee – one of our best sellers.

  • SPOTTED: DJ Agile in JUZD Tech shirt at 2009 DJ Stylus Awards Monday night!

    Toronto’s own DJ Agile spotted not only winning an award for “Mixtape of the Year” at the 2009 DJ Stylus Awards, but winning in style in his JUZD Tech T. We know Agile appreciates the feel and style of his JUZD Tech. Huge congratulations to Agile on his win! Agile has been on the Canadian music scene for …

  • JUZD Re-style: Keri Hilson

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