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  • Men: Why you should not wear tshirts!

    Here’s a great video from our friend Antonio from RealMenRealStyle. He explains why men shouldn’t wear tshirts, well except for a JUZD shirt of course.  Check out the near the end of the video of how great and flashy he looks just by putting on a jacket. Great video on how the science of a suit jacket accentuates your body. Great …

  • Finding the spots for the first big JUZD photoshoot

    The other day we went cruising around Toronto to check out a few potential locations for our big photo shoot. I decided to work with one of Toronto’s top fashion photographers , Igor Yu. It feels like I’ve seen portfolios of every single photographer in Toronto, but I instantly fell in love with his work. We’ve done a shoot before and it was …

  • Private Party footage finally released

  • More photos from the JUZD Private Party

    More photos from the JUZD Private Party. 24 hand selected of the best from each of the 3 photographers, Krist Papas, Vivian Hui, and Daniel Merhar. Check it out in the new JUZD Fashion & Style Photo Gallery. Also take a glimpse of the beautiful and sexy crowd that showed up to the party. Below is …

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