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  • Fashion Industry from New York City – Project Show, Blue Collective, and Capsule

    Jumped in the shuttle taxi which Project New York offers and headed to Capsule down at the church. It was pretty packed last year, see photos and blog. It was still pretty packed this year. Looks like things are getting better for this show. This is a show that everyone talks about. Very hipster underground New York …

  • Project Show New York City July 21st 2008 – Two hot new labels – Vernum and Adam Spagnolo

    For the women this wraps all the way around nicely slim fitting and shimmers with a nice deep blue satin. Their influences are Marc Jacobs and Yohji Yamamoto. The high end runway stuff. As for the future they want to stay simple and true trying to not overexpand. Focus on only boutiques and maybe Barneys. Another brand I found …

  • How Jay-Z killed a legend

    To my disgust when I saw the new Artful Dodger’s collection at Project NYC. Not only did the line looked plain and boring the prices had dropped too. The sales rep told me that they were planning to lower the prices before Jay-Z bought it out. Artful Dodgers are ARtful Dodgers no more. It’s just …

  • Jing at Project Show New York City Summer 2008

    (And I got a custom made JUZD hat off the streets of SOHO in New York City. Didn’t turn out too good as I ask him to do the logo and not his usually stuff. Note to self, let others do what they do best.)

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