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  • The Reality of Reality TV: My experience on a reality show

    Many of my friends and people I haven’t seen for up to three years see me and say something in the regards of “those guys are asses”, “they don’t know what they are talking about”, or “the show isn’t that good”. They say this to make me feel better or maybe because they do seem …

  • Jing stars in Beautiful People Reality Show

    The popularity of the Beautiful People networking website has led to a reality show on the Slice Network where Jing, JUZD’s lead designer guest starred. Check out the show in the fall on the Slice Network to see what Jing was up to! Probably the most controversial online dating/networking website on the market today, Beautiful People is Canada’s first website where …

  • Jing Guest Stars on Controversial Beautiful People Reality Show

    (Robert Hintze of BeautifulPeople.net, Jing Liu of JUZD, Greg Hodge of BeautifulPeople.net)

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