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  • Eco-Friendly Feature: Aime

    Eco-Friendly Feature: Aime Posted on January 16, 2010 by JUZD

  • People go crazy, pays $2 for a free JUZD bag

    The JUZD team was at its first tradeshow, Green Living Show at the Toronto Exhibition place. And people there went crazy for the JUZD bag. People were dropping by ever so often saying “Here’s the booth with that bag.” They apparently saw other people carrying it around. I was thinking, no way, everyone is giving away free eco-friendly bags, …

  • MSN.ca takes notice of JUZD

    Seems as though the word about JUZD is getting out! With success in Holt Renfrew, GotStyle and Green is Black more and more people are quick to grab the one-of-a-kind JUZD t-shirt. The fashion world is seeking new, innovative and eco-friendly designs and being the planet’s first bamboo designer label, it’s hard to avoid getting JUZD…Take a look below to …

  • Bamboo line Juzd provides Eco-Aggression

    Ever wake up one morning and decide to create clothing line? It’s not an ordinary occurrence but Torontonian Jing Liu is not an ordinary individual. Liu, creator of Juzd clothing, which is promoted as being the first bamboo designer label, is the lead designer for the urban streetwear line. “I just woke up one day and decided …

  • Magic, Project, Pool, and now Slate

    POOL – This is for new brands and brands tailor to the Threadless type of customers. The younger crowd who like clever graphics and saying on tees. A lot of the shirts are Blanks from American Apparel with prints over it. Each design and concept is different from another. In addition these brands don’t have their name or logo on …

  • Offering Clothing and Awareness

    Dedicated to providing a sustainable future, clothing designers have begun producing lines that make use of organic materials such as bamboo, wood-pulp, and seaweed. Joining in on eco-friendly train is Linda Lundström, women’s wear designer. Slightly over a quarter of Lunström’s Spring 2007 collection can be recognized as a ‘Green Note’ item, which is an …

  • Now I turned my attention to another iconic company

    Now I turned my attention to another iconic company, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). For the new generations of investors, you might not understand some of the obsession the “older” investors have with Microsoft. When 95 came out, geeks were lining up at midnight around the Wholesale Authentic Jerseys China block outside technology stores. While they’re not cheesy like …

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