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  • Guangzhou Clothing Market – wow!

    Guangzhou City Clothing market Fresh fur with the animal head attached. These guys look like they came straight out of the jungle.

  • The future of eco-conscious clothing

    Today I was interviewed by Alex, a New York magazine and UrbaneBloc a popular Toronto online blog. There was one important recurring question. What’s the future for eco-conscious clothing. Where is this trend heading? I think the perception is that this trend is moving fast and furious. That may be true based on the media coverage but the innovation …

  • Offering Clothing and Awareness

    Dedicated to providing a sustainable future, clothing designers have begun producing lines that make use of organic materials such as bamboo, wood-pulp, and seaweed. Joining in on eco-friendly train is Linda Lundström, women’s wear designer. Slightly over a quarter of Lunström’s Spring 2007 collection can be recognized as a ‘Green Note’ item, which is an …

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