Weekly Style Redux: Spring Ahead of the Shopping Crowd

1. The obvious necessity here is the JUZD Original shirt, get yours from the online shop for $79.35 CDN

2. Jazz up your stockings with these popular thigh-high tattoo stockings/nylons. Our favorite is the butterfly stockings selling for only $18.00 USD on etsy.

3. Sometimes you’re going to have to splurge a little, even in our redux edition. Go for the Banana Republic belted tulip skirt for $69.50 USD, which serves for business casual and just plain ol’ casual.

4. Accentuate your outfit with a chunky accessory. Go for the marine look, which is bound to be making its rounds soon, by donning a nautical chain bracelet from Martin + Osa for $34.50 USD.

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  • Loveena Guilford

    I love the original shirt, very nice indeed

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  • All Women Stalker

    I sooo love the skirt! I can pair it with just about anything!

  • Jing

    That's by far our most popular. Featured everywhere, on TV, magazines, and online.