Weekly Style: One for the Lookbooks

Just as much as we love being unique, we love being in vogue. Looking like we come straight out of any store’s lookbook, this one is sure to be “that look,” which everyone’ll be pointing to and asked for. Everything about it just says hot and stylish: the vest, liquid tights/rubber leggings, big sunglasses, and of course, the comic on the JUZD shirt (flip yours inside out!). Get this look online: 1. Bored of regular spandex tights and leggings? Well give this pair a go: the Members Only Rubber Leggings for $88 at Urban Outfitters 2. Nothing says fall like the sudden gusts of wind sweeping away the sunlight. Keep warm during this winter transition with The North Face Nuptse vest, which is insulated with 700 fill goose down, for $160 CDN 3. What good would you be battling the weather if you didn’t protect your eyes? Take care of your eyes by sporting a pair of MICHAEL Michael Kors “Santa Barbara” Retro Inspired Sunglasses from Nordstrom for $99 USD Click here for more JUZD Weekly Style

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