Weekly Re-Style : Miley Cyrus

JUZD basic female cap sleeve tee
Close, but no dice!
I give Miley an A for effort for her outfit she steped out in Tuesday morning. This basic outfit is simple, and very comfy feeling. However, it could use a bit of shine up, a few different fashion choices will make Miley a little less Disney star and a little more InStyle street ready. The girl has some great legs for those denim cut offs, so why not keep them on! Miley’s basic grey v-neck is to boring and is appearing towards the sloppy side. We will give Miley a Juzd basic crewneck tee , where she will realize the comfort a t-shirt can give, while still enhancing the same casual style. The classic (light-grey) signature tee fits perfect to the body. You can get this style and many more at Juzd online store.
The look needs a few more details to make it stand apart. Lets add in a double buckled, basket weave, chocolate belt to sit right at her hipline on top of our crewnecks bottom hem.
Miley’s hat is less than perfect, and is begging to be switched to a Wool Felt Trilby Hat from topshop! Continue by kicking off the converse and throwing on a hot pair of Tory Burch’s – Reva Lipstick Red Suede Ballet Flats. Last but not least, substitute that collection of bracelets on her wrist for a classic turquoise bangle! Ta da…Mileys style alters to perfection just like that. We kept it clean, classy, and fabulous.

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