Weekly Re-Style: Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo looks fantastic for having her baby daughter Stella only a month ago!! Most new mothers don’t have a second to spare, however Ellen didn’t do half bad with her outfit on this day. The outfit is easy to fix! You just need to re-style her in something that can brighten it up, the trick is to accomplish this in a subtle way. Switch the boring black tee for a Juzd crewneck with the honoury number 25 on it. The touch of gold add that missing piece to the outfit. You can find this t-shirt and more on Juzd online store. Always pair a bold tee with other classic items. With stating this rule of thumb, I think a fabulous Silence and Noise boyfriend tweed blazer will set her aside while keeping her classy. The booties and boyfriend jeans are a must for anyone’s closet this fall, so I am keeping them on. Although Ellen usually carries around her go-to-wallet, I’d love to swap it up for a cute purple marc by marc jacobs shoulder bag. And off she goes. . .

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  • Anonymous

    You have to look at an individual's personal style. Adding a shirt with a big gold 25 on it would make the look ghetto. She's not 16 and she does have great style.