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Chris Bosh of the Raptors and one of the top NBA players have been one of the biggest supporter of JUZD. Chris Bosh have been a three-time NBA All-star and have been named to the All-NBA team. He also was on the US national team which won gold the 2008 Olympics. Here’s a video of him wearing his JUZD shirt.

This video was broadcasted on the Score during the Raptors Thanksgiving day game. It’s also featured on, and will be feature on Raptors TV.

Like everyone else he fell in love with JUZD shirts when he first felt it. Thanks for the love Chris!

JUZD Streetwear showcased it’s hot collection at the LA Fashion Week 2008 on Friday October 17th 2008 at TaTou Lounge in downtown Los Angeles.

In attendance was Estelle, DJ Questlove of the Roots, Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, and Sway!

If you seen the following commercial on TV or one of the 17,000 (as of Sept 29th 2008) viewers of the youtube video and you are wondering “what tee is the blond rockstar wearing on the Cosmo magazine StarLaunch commercial?”

It’s JUZD silly! With this shirt being launch just a couple of months ago it’s surprising it’s already on a nationwide commercial. Check it out on the Women’s Channel.

Nalini Sharma, CityTV weather girl shows off her JUZD shirt on air!

Jing Liu of JUZD interviewed by’s Ali De Bold. Personal interview with Jing Liu, find out the inspiration for the brand and discover his secret for getting his first collection into Holt Renfrew.

Asian Inspiration is a television show that features exciting news and tidbits about Eastern and Southeastern culture in the Greater Toronto Area. This clip features Jing Liu, leader designer and owner of JUZD, as he explains to Theresa Laurico the concept of this new and hip fashion line.

JUZD Private Party Feburary 6th 2008 at Century Room.

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