Straight from tha muthaf@#%kin streets of Locash!!

At the end of the day, streetwear, regardless of whether it draws roots from the urban or skateboard worlds, isn’t something that is available to the masses through outlets such as Macy’s. Ultimately, this is what disqualifies core urban labels from being considered streetwear as even one of the newest labels, Coogi, is available in department stores (granted, Coogi is a welcome breath of fresh air as they bring a completely new look to urban fashion). Within this context, one has to really respect LRG, for despite their tremendous popularity over the past few years they have chosen to maintain their underground appeal rather than kowtow to the call of the mainstream. Strangely the situation of urban apparel parallels the state of hip hop, most artists go out of their way to do what sells, rather than join the few who stay true to themselves and do it for those who truly love the art.

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