Spotted: Melanie Martin of Flow 93.5 Rocks the Airwaves with JUZD

While some of the fashion conscious population rock their JUZD shirts in the club scene, on the street, and on television (think Nalini Sharma!), others rock it on the air waves. Posing with Nico, winner of Canada’s So You Think You Can Dance, Melanie Martin proudly shows off her JUZD shirt. Martin, a Sudbury native, is well known as the co-host of the popular FLOW 93.5. When she is not on air, Martin can be found getting up-to-date on the news and celebrity gossip (in preparation for The Scoop, a short segment on her morning show where she discusses the latest news with her co-host), scouting the latest fashion trend, and spending time with her daughter. Catch Martin on-air weekdays from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. EST.

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