Spotted: Estelle Shows Off What Her American Boy Should Wear!

Recalling that JUZD showcased its hot collection during LA Fashion Week at TaTou lounge in downtown Los Angeles this past October, we noted in attendance of this event was hip-hop/R&B sensation Estelle. What we didn’t tell fans was that lead designer, Jing Liu, met with Estelle and presented to her a JUZD shirt, which she absolutely loved! She loved it so much that she asked us to send her more. So don’t be surprise when you see photos of her in magazines and TV dressed in JUZD.

Even though Estelle has already made a name for herself in UK’s hip-hop scene by capturing three consecutive “Best Female Artist” trophies, Estelle is moving onto bigger things. Kick-starting her career in the US music industry with “American Boy,” Estelle is well on her way to becoming just as popular here as she is in the UK!

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