SPOTTED: DJ Agile in JUZD Tech shirt at 2009 DJ Stylus Awards Monday night!

Toronto’s own DJ Agile spotted not only winning an award for “Mixtape of the Year” at the 2009 DJ Stylus Awards, but winning in style in his JUZD Tech T. We know Agile appreciates the feel and style of his JUZD Tech.
Huge congratulations to Agile on his win!

Agile has been on the Canadian music scene for over 10 years & has produced tracks for international artists such as NaS, Jully Black, Ivana Santilli and his Juno nominated groups BrassMunk and Big Black Lincoln. He is known for his wide and diverse musical range which he gives to party goers and music connoisseurs who are looking for that special vibe in music today. Agile has had national television appearances on E-Talk, Off The Record, MuchMusic, NBA XL and The Score. Agile can be heard spinning at events and clubs weekly throughout the GTA and North America and at MARBEN on Fridays.

DJ Plus, DJ Starting from Scratch and DJ Agile at the 2009 DJ Stylus Awards

Congratulations also go out to DJ Plus who won the award for “Radio Mixshow DJ of the Year.”

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