And he ran a log and firewood business, as we

And he ran a log and firewood business, as well as being a yeomanry reservist.He was laid to rest with full military honours at Drongan where he spent his boyhood and where parents Dan and Rita live.The father of two died six days after his armoured car overturned at the Catterick Garrison in Yorkshire on January 29.Among the mourners in the Auld Kirk was Colonel John Dalrymple Hamilton, who was representing Prince Charles.Provost Helen Moonie of South Ayrshire Council also attended the service.And there was military top brass from both regiments in which Jock served the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and the Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry.Other regiments represented included the Royal Engineers, the Royal Artillery, the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and the Life Guards.Members of the Army Cadet Force were also present to pay their respects.Jock was 25 years in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, rising to be a Challenger tank commander.He survived tours of duty in Iraq, Kuwait and Kosovo, only to die in a training exercise.Auld Kirk minister Rev David Gemmell described how John McKelvie ‘grabbed life by the throat’ from his earliest days.He wasn’t much of a scholar at Drongan Primary and Auchinleck Academy, but he knew every creature that ran, crawled, swam or flew in the countryside.

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