Photos from JUZD’s first collection released today to the public

Date: Tues. July 8th 2008

Him: JUZD Original (black), Her: JUZD Original (black)
Her: JUZD Plain Tee (white), Him: Studio (black)
Him: All-Star (black), Her: JUZD Plain Tee (black)
Her: Konceptz (grey), Him: Tech (grey)
Him: Stylez (white)
Her: Stylez (black)
Her: JUZD Plain Tee (white), Him: Studio (white)
Her: Konceptz (grey), Him: Tech (grey)
Him: JUZD Original (black)
Him: JUZD Original (black)
Him: Stylez (black)
Her: Stylez (white)
Him: All-Star (black), Her: JUZD Plain Tee (black)
Him: All-Star (black)
Her: JUZD Plain Tee (black)
Her: Konceptz (black), Him: Tech (black)
Him: Tech (grey)
Him: Stylez (black) Her: Stylez (black)
Her: JUZD Original (black)

Photos from the shoot for the 1st collection of JUZD shirts. In stores in late July. Available at Green is Black and Got Style. Green is Black Fashion for the conscious 624 Yonge Street 416.454.5650 Got Style 489 King St. West 416-260-9696 Photographer: Igor Yu Creative Direction: Dale Hodder Lead Stylist: Nikita Stanley Assisting Stylist: Eda Greff Make Up & Hair Artist: Sasha Simler Assistants: Ashley Athill, Michael Nguyen, Davi Tam Models: Evan Spergel Vlada V. Endri Hoxha Camila Mendes Accessories and jeans sponsors: Over the Rainbow 101 Yorkville Ave. 416-967-7448 UPC Boutique 128¼ Cumberland Street Toronto, ON 416-929-9209

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