The Old New Trend: Vintage

I read that the inspiration for the current flannel craze originated from thrifty hipsters getting their shirts for cheap from second hand stores. Now all the lines are going after that has been and washed up look. Even though the “vintage and distressed” look has always been in vogue, you will see a lot more in the upcoming seasons, especially since the recession has put a lot more emphasis back on used and worn-out clothing.

The whole hipster scene has dramatically influenced fashion. This style is about being chill and looking cheap, but it is completely contradicted by the cost of some of these “vintage” shirts. It isn’t cheap to look “cheap.” The amount of effort and the process that goes into producing a shirt that looks old is actually one that ends up costing a lot.

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  • All Women Stalker

    I agree, making shirts look old is very difficult… I do t-shirt design myself and that's the hardest design for me…making graphics that look worn out.


  • Jing

    Thanks for the comment Peachy! Do you do one by one or mass production? Doing mass production is very difficult to make it unique.

  • samantha luis

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