National Post cover Star wearing JUZD shirt on TIFF red carpet

National Post mentioned JUZD in the September 10th 2008 onlline.

Swag Hag: The Tastemakers Lounge
Posted: September 10, 2008, 8:33 AM by Nathalie Atkinson

The theme of this year’s Tastemakers Lounge at the InterContinental is Ohhh Canada! and stars sip libations from Northern Quebec (ESKA spring water) and B.C. (fair trade, organic and carbon-neutral Salt Spring Coffee) while they “shop.”

The Potential Haul: The ten-foot wall covered in hand-flocked wallpaper from Scottish studio Timorous Beasties would run you $5,000; Trollbeads charm jewellery ($300); a Juzd Originals printed t-shirt made from organic bamboo by Toronto’s Jing Liu to wear on the red carpet like Darren Hewson did ($100 at Holt Renfrew).

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