Naked & Famous Denim is our favourite jeans!

Naked & Famous Denim are the best rated in quality and value by JUZD Lead Designer, Jing Liu. Offering premium denim and the latest innovation in fabric technology is the driving force behind the Naked & Famous labels’ success. As the exclusive producer of ‘Silk Denim’, a rare and unique blended fabric originating from Japan, than brought to Canada to be produced into jeans.

‘Rare & Raw Japanese Denim’ is the core mission behind the Naked & Famous brand. They keep their jeans raw and simple. No washes, no embroidery, no gimmicks….just the best fabrics in the world combined with modern fits at a reasonable price.

JUZD Lead Designer, Jing Liu got to meet the mastermind of Naked & Famous at Project in New York, Brandon indicated his inspiration to develop a denim collection so satirical of our celeb-obsessed culture because he feels too many brands of jeans out there are over-priced just because Hollywood stars wear them.

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