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Seems as though the word about JUZD is getting out! With success in Holt Renfrew, GotStyle and Green is Black more and more people are quick to grab the one-of-a-kind JUZD t-shirt. The fashion world is seeking new, innovative and eco-friendly designs and being the planet’s first bamboo designer label, it’s hard to avoid getting JUZD…

Take a look below to see how JUZD was featured in’s Green article section. The article featured JUZD as one of today’s top Canadian green designers.

Original Article

Written by Liz Metcalfe

Hot looks, Cool for the planet

Green and recycled materials have become the new hot thing with designers, who are increasingly taking advantage of recycled and found materials, along with fabrics made form renewable resources. Hemp is no longer just for the granola crowd and designers incorporating new fabrics such as soy silk, tencel/lyocell (made from wood byproducts), micro-modal (made from beech pulp) and bamboo.

We’ve found a dozen designers – many of them Canadian success stories – whose collections are carried in stores across Canada. Check out the green designer collections we’ve found that will make you green in heart while your friends go green with envy.

JUZD (short for Juiced) was the first bamboo designer label. Said to be inspired by the legend of 1898, when the African Mountain Gorillas were discovered, each shirt in the JUZD collection has an exclusive design and is made from organic bamboo fabric. All JUZD T-shirts, such as the ones above, retail for $100 at Holt Renfrew stores across Canada. You can also buy their shirts directly from their website at

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