Magic, Project, Pool, and now Slate

POOL – This is for new brands and brands tailor to the Threadless type of customers. The younger crowd who like clever graphics and saying on tees. A lot of the shirts are Blanks from American Apparel with prints over it. Each design and concept is different from another. In addition these brands don’t have their name or logo on it. I see all of these brands as commodities because of that. I don’t understand why buyers would choose one over another.

There were also big brands that chase after this market, brands such as TokiDoki and Alternative Apparel which once again was the major sponsor for POOL. Retail tees from $20-$40.

PROJECT – Project which takes place at Sands Expo has the high end streetwear. Aim at the contemporary market this is where most of the brands are found. And this show is happening. Most of the people I know are in this show and they tell me that it was crazy. The first day they didn’t even had time to have lunch. They were busy taking orders left and right. This is a major contrast to the floor at POOL, especially where we were at, it was like a ghost town. Retail tees from $40-over $150.

SLATE – This year MAGIC had a new section to compete with PROJECT. It’s called SLATE. This is where the higher brands are. This was created to compete with PROJECT I would guess but all of the shows are owned by the same company. The layout is strikingly similar to PROJECT with individual booths section off. Large company branding is not allow so each booth is similar to the next. However the brands here are gangster urban brands. Not the premium streetwear of PROJECT. Retail tees are from $40-$70.

Eco sections – POOL was known for their eco section until now. JUZD was in the POOL’s eco section and the traffic was dead. This year MAGIC started their own eco section and all the big and even the smaller ones showcased there. They had live performances of hippie music which made the place sound like a funeral than a lively clothing show.

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