LA Weekly: OMG at Avalon

Originally posted Orginally written by Lina Lecardo

Whoever came up with the name of Avalon’s new Friday-night free-for-all, OMG (as in “Oh My God!”), gets a blingy gold star. It’s the perfect mash moniker, not only because of the oh-so-timely text-era lingo, but because it evokes excitement and something of significance. Even without the name, though, this one deserves note for its resident DJs (Rockwell and Mr. White) and biggie guests (this week, Hypercrush perform live; next week, LMFAO funk up L.A. Weekly’s anniversary bash; and Mickey Avalon shakes it Halloween night). Cirque-style performers, “elaborate” stage production (our guess: an early peek at Avaland’s Saturday set-up) and more amusements are promised, making for a dance night full of LOLs, XOs and :-)’s. 1735 Vine St., Hlywd.; Fri., Oct. 17. (323) 467-4571. Downtown, another new thang to get amped about: Versus Nightclub opens its doors for a politically themed preview event, Love Session, with headlining DJ sets from the Roots drummer ?uestlove and Gym Class Heroes’ Travis McCoy, plus DJ Irie and fashion shows by LRG Clothing, JUZD Bamboo, Factory Girl Clothing and Grefphenreed. The brand-new super club (formerly The Stock Exchange) boasts 22,000 square feet, four different levels and capacity for 1,500, so expect this to be a very, very large and lovely dance party. 618 Spring St., dwntwn.; Fri., Oct. 17. (213) 489-1555.

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