King West Supports Haiti Charity Event

On Feburary 2nd, the spirit of King Street West community will come alive at the King West Supports Haiti event to demonstrate its support for the Haitian people and to raise funds to aid in the country’s recovery. The first event will take place Tuesday, February 2 at Kiwe Kitchen. It will be a sit down dinner beginning at 8pm for approximately 50 people to include a 3 course meal and complimentary beverages. The ticket price is $100 plus any additional donation. Fifty percent of each ticket will go toward the relief fund. In addition there will be several items that will be auctioned off at the end of the night. The second event will take place Tuesday, February 2 at Century Room. All earnings from the door will be donated to the Haiti relief fund. Blond:ish will in house to DJ and the vibe will be amazing! Juzd has graciously donated 8 t-shirts for the silent auction that will be held at Kiwe to raise funds for Haiti relief. Featured in this capsule collection is a hand crafted t-shirt by Jing Liu himself. It features a 14 step process which took 10 hours to develop the first 5 shirts ever made. It is extremely labour intensive and is a testament for Jing’s passion in creating the perfect garment. It is truly a labour of love. The style “Ball Like An All-Star” will be auctioned off, only 3 of these shirts were ever made.

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