Kidrobot: Fun For All Ages

When you read up on Paul Budnitz’s accomplishments and his philosphy in the way he conducts business, you will be inspired by his words of wisdom. One of my favourite quotes is:

“The other secret is not to be afraid of doing something stupid because, if it wasn’t stupid, everyone would be doing it. Kidrobot is without a doubt the stupidest, riskiest thing I’ve ever done, which means it’ll probably be the most successful and most exciting.”

Paul’s willingness to take risk has paid off as Kidrobot has quickly become one of the most internationally recognized brand. Coined as the father of designer toys, Paul Budnitz has been able to launch his own apparel line with Swizz Beatz along with being inducted in the Museum of Modern Arts. No easy feat considering Kidrobot has only been around for 8 years. Kidrobot continues to push the envelope, refusing to settle with the status quo. They are able to create edgy designs with this mantra:

“Limited edition, for me, has to do with how big a risk we can take with a design. The riskier the design, the smaller the edition because then we have to please fewer people to sell the toy. What an awesome concept!”

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  • All Women Stalker

    Fun, cute and most especially… unique! Every kid would like to play with it and every adult would want to collect everything!