JUZD's Product Model Veronika London is Bitter, Talented, and Sexy

(Los Angeles, USA June 25, 2010) From small screen to big screen, London re-visits her SHOWTIME “Body Language” role in Jason Armstrong’s feature film “Bitter” as a sultry dancer. The Mexican beauty who was dubbed by Maxim Magazine as Fox for her sex appeal and now Jolie for her talent in her anticipated “Gia” role in feature film “Jane Doe”, might just be a face to keep in mind for super stardom and actual talent.  London is scheduled to shoot the third season of  TV-Series “Body Language” and “Bitter” this fall. Veronika London Featured on Maxim Talented actress Veronika London

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  • Carl

    Ugh. She's not talented, just has a half-decent body. So sick of hearing about her.

  • Megs1050

    Since when did shoving half a million wearing-next-to-nothing style photos enable you to be compared to an Oscar winner- her “Fox” reviews are much more accurate- and the sad thing is- Fox actually worked to get where she is- have you seen this Veronica London in anything that does not involve a hooker costume? Have you seen her in anything that has any credit? Have you seen her in any role other than sucking on a lollipop or ice cream cone and showing her crotch. I can answer that for you- it's NO And there is nothing wrong with it- what's wrong is her being called a “talented actress” when there is no proof in the pudding. let's call it what it is people.