JUZD Weekly Style: Unleashing the Power of being JUZD

Where we picture Clark Kent pulling apart the buttons of his dress shirt to reveal Superman, we can easily picture the unleashing of another power, that of being JUZD.

As Craig pulls back his jacket to reveal more of the Stylez JUZD tee, we find that he has already energized his look with a snazzy watch, and pair of distressed jeans!

1. Don’t forget the JUZD Stylez shirt, which can be bought at the JUZD online store for $101.35 CDN.

2. Get your own slightly distressed jeans from AG Jeans (The Protogé) for $299 (on sale now for only $149.50) at Over the Rainbow

3. Make sure you don’t get too chilly from your coolness and grab the All-Son Hooded Military jacket from Urban Outfitters for only $58.00!

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