JUZD Weekly Style: Smoking Up The Sidewalk

Remember that heat wave several years back when we thought we might as well fry our eggs on the sidewalk? Well, we have something else that can smoke up the sidewalk these days – this awesome outfit worn by model Veronika.

Seen in a black Stylez tee, Veronika pairs her smoking look with a denim miniskirt, dogtag necklace, and bracelet from Suzanne Lorraine. But considering that every fashionista should protect themselves from the bright summer sun, Veronika also sports a pair of imported sunglasses and the best e cigarette from Hong Kong.

1. Make sure you have your Stylez tee to rock this ensemble, found online at the JUZD Shop

2. Pick up a similar denim skirt, the Bleach Frayed Denim Skirt from Forever 21 for only $19.90 USD

3. Don’t blind yourself from the sizzle you create by grabbing a pair of funky shades, also from Forever 21, for only $5.80 USD!

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