JUZD Weekly Style: Hats are In!

Even though it is summer, hats are so in! Paired with a JUZD shirt, here are two great outfits that make use of these great accessories.

Wearing a toque from Urban Outfitters, Chris is wearing his All-Star tee with a pair of dark-washed jeans and a great watch. Steering away from the toque and opting for a cap from Nobis, Sebastian sports a Tech tee with a plaid shirt, and faded jeans.

4. Want a different look? Try on the Tech JUZD Shirt available for $78.20

5. When you feel chilly, no need to put on dull zip-ups, jazz it up with a CPT Cockpit Lumberjack Plaid Workshirt for $58.00 USD from Urban Outfitters

6. In addition to a fresh tee, why not a new wash of jeans? Go lighter with Citizens of Humanity’s “Jagger,” on sale now for $116.50 CDN at Over the Rainbow

7. Top off your suave look with the Hugh Demann cap from Nobis’ Spring-Summer ’09 collection

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