JUZD Weekly Style: Boyfriend Fit your JUZD Shirt

The boyfriend clothing trend is very popular these days, and it comes as no surprise when we see girls sporting their beau’s shirt!

Showing off the comic that is found inside every JUZD tee, Lena flips her boyfriend’s tee inside out, and pairs it with cute denim shorts and a hat from Urban Outfitters. Given that this casual outfit is great for a stroll down busy the Queen Street, don’t be scared that you’ll be lost in the crowd. In fact, you’re sure to be turning heads in this outfit, which screams “fashionista on a weekend.”

1. The most essential part is your boyfriend’s JUZD Original shirt (remember to flip it inside out for the cool comic!), which can be bought at the JUZD online store for $101.35 CDN.

2. Pair the shirt with a pair of BDG Destroyed Denim Shorts from Urban Outfitters for $58.00 USD.

3. Completing the look is the Slouchy Ribbed Beanie, which, also from Urban Outfitters, comes in nine different colors! Available for $28.00 USD.

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