JUZD Website Gets Facelift

Like our new look?

Like our new look?

If you’ve visited the JUZD website before, the first thing that will probably come to mind is that things seem a little different around here – and you are certainly right. We’ve given the website a much needed facelift so that everything is now much more accessible – our past collections, exposure, and news. To add, we’ve also better embraced our social media outlets putting them in the prime spot so that you, our dear follower, have an easier time keeping up with us. Stay tuned in for more updates!

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  • Check out the new site!

  • Andre

    I don’t know guys, for a premium brand, your website really doesn’t reflect it. I love the brand, i first was introduced to it during NorthByNorthEast a couple of years ago in the delegates lounge. walked away with a great gift bag and beautiful shirt. i still have the great designed business card one of your reps gave me. attention to detail was very much observed then, but if this is the direction you are going with then…

    • What suggestions do you have Andre? Would love to hear it.