JUZD Releases Limited Edition "BIG 2-5" Item in Honour of Chris Bosh's 25th Birthday

Chris Bosh\'s 25th Birthday Celebration Gala FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JUZD Releases Limited Edition “BIG 2-5” Item in Honour of Chris Bosh’s 25th Birthday Chris Bosh, of the Toronto Raptors, is turning 25 and to celebrate this milestone JUZD Bamboo Streetwear (www.juzd.com) is releasing a special, limited edition item. Each item is handmade by JUZD lead designer Jing Liu. Wearing the item will grant entry into Chris Bosh’s Private 25th Birthday Celebration Gala on Sunday, March 22, 2009. It can be purchased online at juzd.com and exclusively at select boutiques in Toronto. Toronto, Ontario -March 09, 2009- JUZD Bamboo Streetwear is releasing a limited edition hand-made item to commemorate the 25th Birthday of Toronto Raptor’s All-Star, Chris Bosh. Each JUZD (short for Juiced) “BIG 2-5” item will grant entry into Chris Bosh’s Private 25th Birthday Celebration Gala, on Sunday, March 22, 2009 at an undisclosed location. “I’m amazed at how these turned out! JUZD has truly gone above and beyond for my 25th birthday,” says Chris Bosh. Lead Designer, Jing Liu, skillfully perfected a complex technique to personally create the distinct number “25” graphic that adorns each item. Only 100 handcrafted items for woman, and 100 for men, were made for purchase. “I pioneer an extremely difficult and labourious technique to create something that I think Chris and all of his fans will truly love!” states JUZD lead designer, Jing Liu, “Chris Bosh’s love of fashion has always been evident through his unique style and JUZD is honoured to be considered one of his favorite brands!” JUZD “BIG 2-5” is available to be purchased online at juzd.com and in Toronto’s top boutiques: Over the Rainbow, The Show Room, Got Style, Coal, TNT Blu, and Almost Naked. Each of these six Toronto retailers will receive a one-time only shipment of 14 items per sex. To purchase the item, customers are encouraged to say the phrase, “I want to get JUZD with Chris Bosh!” With the purchase of each item they will be guaranteed entry to Chris Bosh’s Private 25th Birthday Gala at an undisclosed location.

Chris Bosh\'s 25th Birthday Celebration shirt by JUZD Streetwear - femaleChris Bosh\'s 25th Birthday Celebration shirt by JUZD Streetwear - male
About JUZD – The Bamboo Streetwear Clothing Company JUZD (short for Juiced) www.juzd.com is the planet’s first bamboo designer label, established in 2007 by lead designer Jing Liu. The label emphasizes contemporary high-end streetwear created using exclusive custom-designed and milled bamboo fabric. Each design is inspired by the designer’s vision of “organic” and aggressive style and the philosophy that art and fashion should co-exist in a way that is innovative, eco-conscious, and empowering. About Chris Bosh Chris Bosh is unmistakably one of the National Basketball Association’s rising stars. After being drafted in the first round by the Toronto Raptors in 2003 Chris quickly established himself as the leader of his team and one of the most prolific basketball players in the world today. That leadership has extended off the court as Chris works tirelessly in the community to help children reach their educational and athletic goals. Shortly after entering into the NBA Chris established The Chris Bosh Foundation. The foundation has worked closely with organizations such as the Toronto Special Olympics to raise important funding for community projects. For more information about the special limited edition items, the JUZD label, or to set up an interview with Jing Liu, please visit www.JUZD.com or contact Angelique Knights at Angelique@juzd.com or 1.888.JUZD.INC. ### Angelique Knights Marketing Manager JUZD Bamboo Email: Angelique@juzd.com Toll-Free: 1.888.JUZD INC (1.888.5893 462) Fax: 1.888.895.5893 Web: www.JUZD.com
Chris Bosh\'s 25th Birthday Celebration shirt by JUZD Streetwear - female product shotChris Bosh\'s 25th Birthday Celebration shirt by JUZD Streetwear - male product shot
Select Boutiques: Over the Rainbow 101 Yorkville Ave Toronto ON, M5R 1C1 416.967.7448 Show Room 278B Queen St W Toronto ON, M5V 2A1 416.977.3888 Gotstyle 489 King St W Toronto ON, M5V 1K4 416.260.9696 Coal 803 Queen St W Toronto ON 416.301.COAL TNT Blu Hazelton Lanes 55 Avenue Rd Toronto ON 416.972.1593 Almost Naked 479 Queen St W Toronto ON, M5V 2A9 416.360.8200

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