JUZD is Keepin' Up with SoJones

JUZD featured on So Jones

While “it seems like the whole world is going organic,” it really does seem that JUZD is catching on, and making a great online presence! Recently featured on the front page of SoJones (formerly urb1.com), a popular online magazine that strives to keep up with the fast paced world of urban and hip hop fashion, one finds complete coverage of the JUZD brand – its starts, lead designer, the line itself, as well as several celebrities that are donning the brand. Original Article: http://www.sojones.com/news/1314-go-green-with-the-planets-first-bamboo-streetwear-juzd/

Go Green With The Planet’s First Bamboo Streetwear: JUZD

It seems like the whole world is going organic, and the streetwear world is no different. However, not every streetwear brand uses organic bamboo fabrics as the main material for their collection. Jing Liu, chief designer of JUZD streetwear succeeded in making the brand “The Planet’s First Bamboo Designer Label”. Founded in 2007, the label thrives under Jing Liu’s directions and keeps the innovative spirit, mixing the art, power, creative and organic energy in its products. A Canadian immigrant, Jing Liu grew up in Guang Zhou, China, and had fond memories of the bamboo trees which became the inspiration for his JUZD designs. Thinking he was not too good in computer programming, Jing Liu decided to start a clothing line without any background in art or fashion. In 2008, Holt Renfrew, a leading luxury Canadian retailer picked up JUZD and the brand started to get exposures. Aside taking inspirations -and meterials- from the bamboo, each shirt in the collection is inspired by the JUZD legend of 1898 with an emphasis on individuality and personal expression and as the brand’s philosophy says, you become your alpha persona. JUZD’s philosophy is that the brand aims to lead the movement of bringing art back to clothing design in a wearable and fashionable way. Jing Liu makes sure that each design is limited to few as 35 shirts in any given size to maintain their exclusivity. JUZD, the environmentally-conscious brand, uses bamboo as opposed to cotton, because unlike cotton crops, the growing and harvesting of bamboo as a matter of fact improve the soil and ecosystem. If you think bamboo fabric is coarse, it’s different with JUZD’s bamboo fabric as their fabric is custom-milled, designed and cut. The brand is already the it thing among Canadian celebs and is now making its way into the hearts of Hollywood’s darlings such as Estelle and Fergie. JUZD even showed off their newest collection at Fergie’s birthday bash back in March 2009. Jing Liu stated:

“I am so honored to have been invited to be a part of Fergie’s Birthday Bash. She’s such an empowering figure plus she’s got great style and is a real trendsetter.”

Get JUZD right now with these JUZD bamboo-fabric clothings, prices around CA$101 or about US$88.  Visit www.juzd.com to get more JUZD.

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