JUZD Head designer Jing Liu Sponsors TIFF Event

Original post on DemiCouture September 8th 2008

At the Toronto Film Festival, celebs can expect to get a piece of Holt Renfrew’s hottest new bamboo clothing line on order – JUZD. Unique t-shirts were designed for the event will be included within Tastemakers Celebrity Lounge’s swag bags.

The head designer and owner of the brand is marked as the youngest who can make such a boast of the label of the youngest sponsor of a major event at the film ‘fest.

Beyond the TIFF, JUZD is letting everyone know that they’re not stopping with Canadian bamboo fashion domination. According to Jing Liu, JUZD is slated to take over America and the UK before Christmas arrives as well.

Keep your eyes peeled for these unique designs in your local luxury boutiques.

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