Juzd Clothing – Friendly For Tattoos

Getting a tattoo can be a painful experience, but taking care of it after can be even more of a pain. Since Juzd clothing is made from bamboo, it will actually make caring for your tattoo much more easier and hassle free.

1. Juzd clothing is anti-bacterial, the biggest concern after getting your tattoo is risk of getting infection from your open wound. The anti-bacterial properties of the clothing will eliminate bacteria and your chances of infection.

2. Juzd clothing is breathable. By regulating your body temperature and the flow of air, it promotes healing of your wound. This will speed up the recovery time needed for your wounds to heal.

3. Juzd clothing provides UV protection. This will reduce exposure to the sun which will extend the length of your tattoos along with preventing dryness in the skin.

4. Juzd clothing is moisture resistant. Moisture is the most suitable environment for bacteria to grow. By absorbing excess sweat from your body, this will minimize the chance of infection.

5. Juzd clothing is powerfully insulating. It keeps your cool in the summer and ensures you won’t sweat excessively.

So the next time you get inked, remember to wear your Juzd clothing to help with the recovery process.

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