How To Wash Your Raw Denim Jeans

To many denim aficionados, raw denim is considered an art form. Raw denim is essentially a pair of jeans in its natural state, protected from the intervention of human hands. It is a reflection of the wearer’s body and possesses the unique ability to tell the story the denim has imprinted through the test of time.

Jing Liu has embarked on a journey with his Naked and Famous denim for the last 18 months, which coincidentally is roughly the same time Juzd has been around. One could argue these jeans has chronicled the journey Juzd has taken.

Below you will find the video documentary to how to wash your jeans the proper way while minimizing the loss of indigo. Washing raw denim allows you to remove the dirt, grime, sweat, and stains that have accumulated which will preserve the life of the denim.

Part 1

Part 2

Washing Instructions:

1. Fill tub with lukewarm water.
2. Add a small amount of laundry detergent. I recommend Woolite Dark for minimizing indigo loss.
3. Place jeans into bath tub turned inside out if you prefer. Move around in water to loosen up any dirt and grime.
4. Rinse jeans with clean water until soap is gone.
5. Hang to air dry.

Before The Wash

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  • All Women Stalker

    My brother actually washes hi jeans only once a month too preserve it's color whatsoever…. Ick!