Holt Renfrew to Debut JUZD Bamboo Collection by Unknown Canadian Designer


Holt Renfrew to Debut JUZD Bamboo Collection by Unknown Canadian Designer

Luxury retailer, Holt Renfrew, will be the first retail chain to unveil the JUZD Bamboo Streetwear collection from unknown Canadian designer, Jing Liu. The collection, consisting of edgy graphics on an exclusive bamboo fabric, will debut in stores as early as next week.

Toronto, Ontario – July 17th, 2008 – Jing Liu may still be unknown in the design world, but that’s about to change. Liu’s JUZD Bamboo Streetwear Collection has just been picked up by Holt Renfrew, a leading Canadian luxury retailer, rarely known for taking a chance on an unproven line from a new designer. JUZD (pronounced “joost”) is the world’s first bamboo designer label, and features high-end streetwear created using an exclusive bamboo fabric and Liu’s edgy “organic” and aggressive style of art.

Liu isn’t following the path of a “typical” fashion designer. He has no formal training in fashion or design. He has no work experience at any design agency. With no exhibits to his name, Liu’s creative and eco-conscious style have seemingly come out of nowhere, beginning with his first collection of custom-designed tees with original and edgy graphics.

Holt Renfrew’s formula for success, at least for the last several years, has been about picking proven lines. It might seem a risky move then for the company to put its faith in unknown Canadian designer, Liu. Industry insiders, however, are taking note of the JUZD line’s bamboo fabric, with even industry veterans of over 50 years is in awe of the fabric, custom-designed and milled with advanced textile technology.

According to Liu, his success was foreshadowed in feedback from metro boutiques and end consumers. “The fabric’s potential revealed itself when it was shown to boutique sales staff members and stylists. These are the trendsetters – they live and dictate style in our culture. Their excitement at the fabric and graphics really kept the dream, and motivation, alive from the beginning.”

Holt Renfrew picked up the collection on July 8th 2008 and wanted delivery the next week. “This is unheard of in the retail fashion industry,” says Liu. “Retailers typically buy lines at least nine months in advance.” The JUZD collection is scheduled to appear in Holt Renfrew in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Edmonton as early as next week.

About JUZD – The Bamboo Streetwear Clothing Company

JUZD (pronounced joost) www.juzdbamboo.com is the planet’s first bamboo designer label, established in 2007 by Canadian designer Jing Liu. The label emphasizes contemporary high-end streetwear created using exclusive custom-designed and milled bamboo fabric. Each design is inspired by the designer’s vision of “organic” and aggressive style and the philosophy that art and fashion should co-exist in a way that is innovative, eco-conscious, and empowering.

For more information about the JUZD label or new clothing line, or to learn more about or set up an interview with Jing Liu, please contact Davi Tham at 416-561-4840.



Davi Tham
JUZD Bamboo
Tel: 416.561.4840
Toll-Free: 1.888.589.3462

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