2008, best year of my life! More to come!

juzd streetwear just for fun
It’s a quiet lonely Saturday night here in Toronto. Freezing cold outside, the landscape buried in knee high snow. What a prefect night to reflect on life and the year past. 365 days ago no one really knew who I was. I was just a regular guy, like the too many millions trying to start their own thing. Now just a year later and WOW, how have things changed. Within a year I’ve been on TV several times, featured in many magazines, traveled around the world, all the major fashion cities in the US, have some of the top high end stores carry my line, and had my shirt featured predominantly in a national commercial. I have hundreds or maybe even over a thousand people hanging my shirt next to their Christian Audiger, Prada, Armani, and Gucci shirts.
Within 365 days I have celebrities proudly wearing my shirts on the red carpet for TIFF, on TV, and other places. I have stores contacting me asking to carry my line, contrast a year ago I was knocking on doors of the stores only to have it (slam) closed more quickly than I can introduce myself. It’s been wild and nothing I would have expected. It’s odd, I meet people who don’t want to talk about themselves and interrupt me when I ask them personal questions to hear my stories and adventures. Lot of people I talk to have heard or seen JUZD. People want to take pictures with me! (I’m not that famous, I haven’t been asked for an autograph yet) Last week a model tried on my shirt and her eyes lid up, she shouted with excitement “I really like this!” and I remember a model telling me that “I love modeling for you, I get to model something I would wear.” Looking back I am still surprised every time someone sees my shirt and go crazy for it. I think JUZD shirts are nice but not something I would go crazy about… I’m one of those artist who are insecure about his own creations. When I wear my stuff I feel proud but at the same time I feel like one of those designers who hand makes their shirt and proudly wears it and think it’s the shit while others giggle and just thinks it’s shit. Everything have been mind blowing and amazing and I am bathing in all the attention and limelight. The one thing I envy most of all great artists is that they are able to have everlasting footprint in the history of culture. That is one thing that gets me off, that I have touched culture and I am in the position to influence it. I have an effect to influence the future of culture, of how people dress, of how people feel, and how people think. If you think about that for a moment, it’s really crazy. It is like a dream but it’s only the beginning. 2009 is position to be the year that JUZD explodes. I can guarantee that. I have a really great team behind me and and support from a lot of people. We are ready to really take the planet by storm!

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