Go Big or Go Home…Sex and the City Style!

If you don’t know who Mr. Big is or where Charlotte keeps her rabbit… (we’re not talking about the chocolate bar or a cute bunny)by now you probably recognize the following names – Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. They taught us how to be strong, independent women all while setting some of today’s hottest fashion trends. Who doesn’t dream of a closet full of Monolos?

With the premier of Sex and the City hitting the big screen today, it’s only natural that us girls (and guys- whether they admit to watching the show or not), celebrate in style! Last night more than 400 young professional and FABULOUS ladies donned their best cocktail dress and 4 inch heels (minimum!) at Longoverdew’s, 21+ Pink Carpet Soiree event at the Satori Supper Club. The doors opened at 9pm and the club was quickly filled with ladies dressed to the nines. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Queen and Bathurst look so good and the few gentlemen in attendance sure had great eye candy for the night.
The theme was Cocktail Glam and if you were tight for time and didn’t have a chance to get your nails done, complimentary manicured stations were set up to polish off your look. If you wanted to get a touch-up before your professional photo shoot on the pink carpet, Makeup Forever set up camp offering their touch of Glam!
If that wasn’t enough, in true Samantha style, a stripper pole was set up on the patio where Flirty Girl Fitness showed the crowd how fun it is to get a great total body workout.

And what’s a party without glitzy prizes and fun gift bags? Throughout the night, attendees were able to buy raffle tickets, with proceeds going towards StepStones, a non-profit organization dedicated to help young women have a chance at a brighter future. Prizes included gift baskets, jewelry and of course our very own JUZD t-shirts!
Overall it was a great night; there was a great buzz in the the air- stilettos, pink vodka martinis, cocktail dresses, chocolate and great company. What more could a girl ask for? Well…Monolos would be nice, but every girl truly dreams BIG 😉

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