Go Behind the Scenes of a Photoshoot!

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a photoshoot? Well have your curiosity quenched as JUZD’s lead designer, Jing Liu, takes you behind the scenes of the fall/winter product photoshoot with filming courtesy of our friends at The Biz Media. With the mic in hand, Jing also gets opinions from others working on the shoot. Check out the video below: Now that you’ve seen the behind the scenes, be sure to make your presence on the fashion scene by purchasing your own JUZD Fall/Winter 09-10 shirt today. Photographer: Jason Wong Models: Veronika London, Tazito Parafuzinho, Jonathan Steen JUZD Team: Katrina Hernandez, Barb Leung, Jing Liu, Anna Nguyen, Han Su Yan Studio: G3 EPOCH Studios Filming: The Biz Media

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