The future of eco-conscious clothing

Today I was interviewed by Alex, a New York magazine and UrbaneBloc a popular Toronto online blog. There was one important recurring question. What’s the future for eco-conscious clothing. Where is this trend heading?

I think the perception is that this trend is moving fast and furious. That may be true based on the media coverage but the innovation in this area is still very stagnant.

When people say eco-conscious first thing comes to mind is earth, nature, and the hippies and tree huggers. Also these consumers are the easiest target for eco-conscious clothing.

So what happens? People who start these eco-friendly clothing lines are in this category and they make their clothing for this category. All eco-friendly clothing aims at this target or has this branding theme. Go ahead, search for eco conscious lines on Google. Very earthy natural colours and designs.

God bless the hippies and tree huggers but they are such a small percentage of the population and can’t make the major difference. You can’t force the mass community to digest this style. People don’t buy ugly stuff just to help the environment.

I saw this eco shirt with what looks like poo on it. Yea, it’s eco friendly but not many people can wear it. I don’t pay for shirts with poo stains on it, I pay to get it off.

What I’m doing with JUZD is offering a product that is fashionable and in style. We have to aim our sustainable clothing to the masses. We need to have eco-conscious clothing that competes with Diesel, Energie, and Christian Audigier. We can’t force these consumers to wear poo stained shirts!

I hope others will follow. This is how we can appeal to the masses to be wear eco-conscious clothing. This is the future of eco-conscious clothing.To learn more about it please go to

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