The Four Dominant Trends and Their Effects on Fashion

Even Siriano has pulled back on the lavishness for his Spring 2010 collection

We are at the start of a generation of new trends. Many major trends from the last decade have sharply turned. While in prosperous environments and rapid technology advancements, the focus was on disposable, low-cost material goods. Such can be seen in the advancement of cell phones and the disposable attitude toward them. New technologies change rapidly, and the cost and quality have dropped dramatically from season to season. This trend was clearly demonstrated in the futuristic car and popularity of modern style décor (think Ikea). During this time, many have shouted the death of “brand loyalty,” as everything became commodities, and where everything boiled down to the price and features.

What a shift it has been from just a year ago and how unexpected that things have changed so drastically. For example, people are not going towards lower quality, lower priced goods anymore. Instead, they are focused on more durable, versatile, and higher quality products. In addition, one finds that in these turbulent times, people are shifting back to the classic styles for a sense of security and stability. Vintage and retro styles are in. The recession has created a sense of vulnerability. This feeling hastens the adoption of the eco movement and need for sustainability. What’s interesting, though, is the move from the consumer back to the concept of brand loyalty. In times such as these, the consumer seeks the security of friends and brands that have an appeal of authenticity.

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