Finding the spots for the first big JUZD photoshoot

The other day we went cruising around Toronto to check out a few potential locations for our big photo shoot. I decided to work with one of Toronto’s top fashion photographers , Igor Yu. It feels like I’ve seen portfolios of every single photographer in Toronto, but I instantly fell in love with his work.

We’ve done a shoot before and it was the idea of my then Marketing Director and good friend Amy Lan to do another. She was a publisher for a couple of magazines so I left it in her hands but with her gone and the stage we are in – a high fidelity vision of JUZD -the creative was in my hands.

The great thing about Igor is that he has a lot of experience. I really don’t know what to expect or what the exact vision is. I called up my sexy friend Deniz Reno and we went cruising around town. We met at 8pm but we have to burn quite a bit of time before any shots because it was still bright outside.

Then we went back to the area where we initially met and I left my car. This is kind of an American Apparel style photo with the natural lighting, no make up, just pure rawness of the street. I wasn’t a big fan of this but it started to grow on me.

At the end of the day there were two spots I really liked and I thought they were the perfect locations. It was a great experience because now I know the creative direction I want to go with JUZD photoshoots. Igor was amazing with his perspective of the options and his creative vision. To find out the location and theme, stay tuned…

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