Fashion Industry from New York City – Project Show, Blue Collective, and Capsule

Jumped in the shuttle taxi which Project New York offers and headed to Capsule down at the church. It was pretty packed last year, see photos and blog. It was still pretty packed this year. Looks like things are getting better for this show. This is a show that everyone talks about. Very hipster underground New York kind of things. Met the guys behind Naked and Famous which is my favourite line of denim. Also saw this pretty cool line right before I left down in the basement, Shades of Greige.

I know last year they had a waiting list for Capsule and that’s why this show is packed. This year Capsule is going to Vegas, interesting to see how they will compete there. I see Capsule as a New York style kind of show, it definitely has it’s own niche.

You might think that with the bad economy there will be less lines and stores attending Las Vegas but I predict otherwise, it will be just as big as all the previous seasons. There’s a new show called Premium at Magic. The popular Project Las Vegas will be cut in half and the half it cut will be at Premium. Heard that the buyers are more diverse and have higher price points at this show. I think that’s where JUZD will end up being. But even with the bad economy it won’t slow down the show, this is once in the year where the lines meet to get orders from their buyers, no way they will miss out on that.

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