Extra! Extra! Reinvention of the JUZD Bag!

The JUZd team innovates the ever-so popular eco-friendly bag!

This reusable bag has been in such high demand we just had to reinvent this phenomenon again!

It is now made with greater quality, for 4X greater durability we’ve added a red reinforcement lining strap.

In comparison to the old bag http://www.fashionstyleblog.com/search?q=bag(I don’t know how to hyperlink it) the logo appears more impactive, larger with a brighter red. Made with greater detail we’ve added the two tone color stitching. Additionally, it’s now reverseable! the classic JUZD comic ( http://www.juzd.com/images/photogallery/2008/private-party/Jason/5_big.jpg) appears on the inside, just like the T-shirts.

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