Exclusive Trafik Tradeshow in Miami to showcase JUZD

JUZD will be one of the exclusive 250 selected brands to show at the Trafik show in Miami happening at the Miami Beach Convention Center Wednesday September 24th – Friday September 26th 2008. MAGIC is the premiere show in the west coast whereas Trafik is starting to be one of the top shows for the east coast. While New York continues to be the fashion capital of the US, the culture and style of clothing is different from New York compare to LA and Miami. New York is associated with the classic high end cut and sew fashion with little prints. However the fashion culture in LA and Miami is more towards the attention grabbing graphic tees. Many buyers do not head over to the Las Vegas show instead chooses to stay on the east coast and go to Miami to finish off their buying. Miami fashion is more vibrant with a lot more colours and certain major brands don’t attend the Trafik show just because their brands don’t fit in. However this is the perfect market for graphic JUZD bamboo shirts. What better shirt to wear to cool down under the hot Miami sun.

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