Elements of a perfect logo

How does one go about in describing the perfect logo? This may seem abstract and too comprehensive to organize. There are so many variety of logos, how can one rank one above the other. But good art and design is not as subjective as people think. This logo was freshly created last week by designer Han Su Yan for a new line of bamboo basics we are working on called JING.

We went through some iterations but this final one she did I was quite impressed with. It has many elements of a perfect logo in every aspect. This is what makes a perfect logo in my opinion. It is not subjective, it is very objective and practical.

Not only will it need to meet visual design principles it must meet practical limitations and versatile when reproducing it in many situations.
1. Simple – Simplicity is beauty. This goes in math and science, where the most beautiful theroems and theories are the most beautiful. Same with design, genius is when you can communicate complex ideas in simple concise designs. There are two elements to it, the Chinese character which is simple and the English translation of that word. Simplicity is even more important nowadays as people are bombarded with more ads and their attention are shorter than ever.

If you compare the old logo, in essence the content is the same but the logo by Han Su is a lot simpler.

2. Unique – Continuing on the theme of the over advertised society, for us to remember or put in the simple and also unique. We cruise through life in zombie auto pilot and must be hit hard with something before we stop and process it in our mind. Which the old Jing logo is expected, it will not even get on the zombie auto pilot radar. But the new logo is a unique mix. First of all the shape is unique, nothing is like that. A Chinese character then an English box above. It pauses the mind to make it think. With the composition it forces the mind to create a new area to store this. It is not competing with any other previously archive information. One foolish move by many logo designers is to copy other logos but change a bit to make it different so the originator cannot sue. This maybe a good idea is stealing the unconscious goodwill of the other logo, but the other logo was first in the mind and will not be able to be replaced. You remember your first love and no matter how much you try to find women that are similar you cannot replace the symbolic significant of your first.

3. Representative – More importantly the symbol represents something. It must
4. Flexible in many situations

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