Dream Control: Keep Cool By Being Cool

With the great summer sun beating its rays down on our heads, we need something to keep our brains cool, while still looking as if we just came off the runway. With our fashion sense in mind, our dear friends in New York Jin and James sent us some hats by Dream Control.

These hats are nothing like the ones you find your dad wearing out to a Blue Jays game. Urban and edgy, Dream Control carefully decorates its hats with designs, such as dragons and skulls, for the bold fashionista. With these hats, you are sure to be the talk of the town with what was once thought to be a simple accessory.

Showing off the urban chicness of these hats, our sexy friend Karen Estrada tried out the hats with some JUZD shirts!

If any store is interested in getting these they can contact Brad MacKeen of Attainment Agency at brad@attainment.ca

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